New Brow

The new Lifted Brow is out – t’is #5.  The CRISABOE issue: What predictive text thinks you’re typing if you type “Brisbane”. Hometown readers, this is the poorly-thought-through affair to your One Book Many Brisbanes, your student magazines, and a national book culture which rarely gets the sunshine state at all. What do four-minute shower restrictions mean for a man who sweats grease? (That one’s fiction.) Is it possible to visit all thirty-two council libraries in a day? (That one’s not.) CRISABOE is a recurring reason to make good art from and about Brisrael City.

My short story ‘Words’ appears therein, but more importantly, Rob Shearman’s Pang is in it and Tom Guerney’s epic spec-fic poem Valcapella and Dwinn is on a CD, cunningly adhered inside the front cover. Other fiction from Caren Beilin, Tony Birch, n a bourke, Blake Butler, Chris Currie, Laura E. Goodin, Bryce Wolfgang Joiner, Andrew Kertesz, Krissy Kneen, Jennifer L. Knox, Matthew Lanzdorf, Darlin’ Neal, Robert Shearman, Antonia Strakosch, Justin Taylor, Scarlett Thomas, and Joe Wenderoth. And there is other stuff.

Acquisition can be actioned here

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0 Responses to New Brow

  1. thuylinhnguyen says:

    ‘Words’ was one of my faves for TLB5, and I stumbled over ‘Skin’ in TLB3. Do you have any other fairytalesque work for me to read? 🙂

    Thuy Linh

  2. angelaslatter says:

    Why thank you 🙂 Most of my stuff is fairytaley – have a look at my bibliography coz the Shimmer and Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet stories are fairytales 🙂

  3. thuylinhnguyen says:

    Shall do!

  4. estelle says:

    Fantastic story in the Brow! I very much enjoyed reading it and look forward to reading more.

  5. angelaslatter says:

    Thanks, Estelle, so pleased you enjoyed it 🙂