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Catalysts and Residents

Programs are participatory and collaborative

Join The Edge team!

If you’re interested in – or even a little obsessed by – media, journalism, zines, open source, hypertexts, blogs, sound, VJing, DJing, mashups, games, writing, sustainability or any other area where creativity meets technology you might just be who we are looking for!

The Edge is seeking the best local, regional, national and international creative practitioners across sound, screen, writing, sustainability, media, design and journalism to join our Catalysts and Residency program. You’ll join The Edge for anywhere from two weeks to six months, to work on engaging projects and to drive The Edge’s creative programs. We’ll give you the chance to develop your own practice and projects and ask you to contribute to The Edge in return. We’ll provide studio space, funding, personnel, audiences and technological tools you’ve been daydreaming about. We’ll even pay you!

About The Edge

The Edge is Queensland’s new digital culture centre for experimentation in design, art, technology and enterprise that will open in February 2010. The Edge will support artists, technologists, thinkers, writers, designers and entrepreneurs through workshops, labs, lectures, outreach, education and industry partners and a collaborative curatorial vision.

Situated at South Bank on the Brisbane River, The Edge is a multi platform space, equipped with cutting edge production tools for collaborative content production in sound, media, and image. The Edge programs will connect across Queensland and around the world but we need the right people to do it.

The Edge is current calling for our first group of Catalysts and Residents.

More info here: http://www.theedge.slq.qld.gov.au/home/who

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