Review of Home and Hearth

1912502_10152349104439813_635754832_nThe first review of “Home and Hearth”, my Spectral Press chapbook is in, from Mr Mark West over on goodreads.

Mark said: This is Spectral Press chapbook 11 and Angela Slatter brings the quality flooding back (I wasn’t overly keen on the last two entries) with a heart-wrenching tale that hooks its claws into you on the first page and doesn’t let up until the very end. I can’t explain more about Simon or what happened because you need that discovery to happen as you read, but I can say that (as a father myself) it took my breath away. Shocking, saddening, painfully real and giving glimpses of the lies that lay beneath the blanket of mundanity, this is a truly wonderful piece of writing that is perfectly paced and beautifully constructed. Very highly recommended.

I think these are all but sold out over at Spectral, but when I get my author copies I’ll run a competition for a copy or two.

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