Shadows & Tall Trees 7: Rosalie Parker

rosalieRosalie Parker runs Tartarus Press with her partner, R.B. Russell. She has written two short story collections The Old Knowledge and Other Strange Tales (Swan River Press, 2010, reprinted 2012) and Damage (PS Publishing, 2016), and her stories have appeared in several anthologies. She is also a film maker, co-directing Robert Aickman, Author of Strange Tales and Coverdale, a Year in the Life. Rosalie lives in the Yorkshire Dales National Park in the UK.

1. What inspired your story in Shadows & Tall Trees 7?

Lacking inspiration, I asked Ray (Russell – my partner) for some ideas for a story. He came up with the idea of a lake that goes on for ever, which was the starting point for ‘The Attempt’, although the original idea was modified and turned into something else.

2. Can you recall the first story you ever read that made you think “I want to be a writer!”?

I’ve always wanted to be a writer. I can’t remember a specific story – I read loads as a child.

3. What scares you?

Just about everything! Myself more than anything.

4. You can take five books to a desert island: which ones do you choose? stt-hb-mockup

I find this question impossible to answer.

5. What’s next for you?

I’ve been writing quite a lot of short stories recently, so maybe another collection.




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