Saturday is Aurealis Day

This Saturday, 23rd Jan 2010, the Aurealis Awards take place – the last one run by Fantastic Queensland.

Do you have your ticket?

I’ve been getting some questions – I don’t know why – but in the interests of being helpful I present a brief Code of Conduct.

1. Have a ticket – do not turn up on the night (whether ye be judge, nominee, stalker, or fan-girl/boy) and demand to be let in. This event sells out. Get your ticket or make sure you’ve RSVPd if you’re a judge or a shortlister.

2. Dress code: there really isn’t one. It’s a gala event and a lot of folk frock-up – from evening dresses to cocktail frocks to funky jeans. There’s no rule – but for the love of all that’s holy, please bathe and use deodorant: high summer in Brisbane, people – it’s a little known BCC by-law that says one can actually beat to death someone who offends the nasal passages.

3. Be polite to everyone – you don’t necessarily know to whom you are speaking. Might be a judge, might be someone on a shortlist, might be a publisher or an agent. Don’t bitch about people to total strangers as you may be sledging their partner/offspring/BFF. This is bad form especially if you’re a writer looking for a break.

4. Leave your manuscript at home. Repeat: leave it at home. Do not thrust it at any publisher/agent/writer in the hope they will make you a star. They’re just there for a drink and some finger food. Again: be polite.

5. Don’t get drunk and insult and/or grope anyone. Bad form.

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4 Responses to Saturday is Aurealis Day

  1. Nicky says:

    *nods head* I see. Very sage advice. I’m very glad for once I don’t have to be there “a bit” (read much) earlier than everyone. It truly will only be a tincy bit (so I can make sure the other half does eat sometime during this shindig (highly doubtful it’ll be a hootenanny).

    How frocking are you going this year? (I know shocking sentence). I’m being girlie for once & even doing the hairdresser.

    Good point re the summer heat with small confined space (well it becomes small & confined when 200+ are in said space).

    Geeez, what are the other half and I going to do next year (we’ve always had Aurealis to endure……or a natcon……or Aurealis LOL).

  2. angelaslatter says:

    I am going the cocktail frock this year – either black or red (undecided), a kind of faux Herve Leger bandeau dress. Black stockings and black patent high heels to take me to an Amazonian 6ft 3″ in height. Unsure if hair will be straight or tousled French bed-head.

  3. Ben Payne says:

    *This* will be the year I remember not to insult the publishers’ offspring! I can feel it!!

  4. angelaslatter says:

    Good luck with that!