Saturday is Aurealis Day

This Saturday, 23rd Jan 2010, the Aurealis Awards take place – the last one run by Fantastic Queensland.

Do you have your ticket?

I’ve been getting some questions – I don’t know why – but in the interests of being helpful I present a brief Code of Conduct.

1. Have a ticket – do not turn up on the night (whether ye be judge, nominee, stalker, or fan-girl/boy) and demand to be let in. This event sells out. Get your ticket or make sure you’ve RSVPd if you’re a judge or a shortlister.

2. Dress code: there really isn’t one. It’s a gala event and a lot of folk frock-up – from evening dresses to cocktail frocks to funky jeans. There’s no rule – but for the love of all that’s holy, please bathe and use deodorant: high summer in Brisbane, people – it’s a little known BCC by-law that says one can actually beat to death someone who offends the nasal passages.

3. Be polite to everyone – you don’t necessarily know to whom you are speaking. Might be a judge, might be someone on a shortlist, might be a publisher or an agent. Don’t bitch about people to total strangers as you may be sledging their partner/offspring/BFF. This is bad form especially if you’re a writer looking for a break.

4. Leave your manuscript at home. Repeat: leave it at home. Do not thrust it at any publisher/agent/writer in the hope they will make you a star. They’re just there for a drink and some finger food. Again: be polite.

5. Don’t get drunk and insult and/or grope anyone. Bad form.

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