Short Story Clinic

Okay, QWC’s Short Story Clinic for developing writers will begin on 21 March.

The delightful and erudite Trent Jamieson is teaching this six session clinic. 

Go here to book yourself in or, better yet, book in a friend or relative for their birthday, belated/very early Christmas present, random act of kindness gift, or just to say ‘Get off your butt and stop talking about the writing and start doing the writing’.

There are still a few spots left.

Also, spread the word – it’s good for your karma!

Course dates:

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2 Responses to Short Story Clinic

  1. Chris Large says:

    I’d love to do something like this – if only I lived somewhere nereby. Do you know of any other workshops or clinics happening later in the year? And preferably further south?

  2. Angela says:

    Hi, Chris. Try your closest writers’ centre – NSW Writers’ Centre might be the closest for you. Check out their regional program. Byron Bay Writers’ Festival also runs courses annually. Do some Googling.