Just heard from talented young filmmaker, James Findlay (he of ‘Vend’), that preproduction is about to start on ‘Sisters’. This is a short film based on my first Daily Cabal story ‘Sunday Drivers’. My friend Mark Kassab (talented screenwriter) wrote the script. Can’t wait to see how it turns out πŸ™‚

Sunday Drivers

The dead girl sits in the passenger seat, watching me. Her face is etched with spider-web petichia and her eyes are jelly-red.

My hands are pale and tight at ten and two.

β€œI’m so sorry, Rachel,” I say. I really mean it, not just because I’m in big trouble.

β€œI cannot believe,’ she spits between blood-stained teeth, β€œthat you slept with my husband.”

β€œIt was an accident.”

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2 Responses to Squeeee

  1. Belinda Jeffrey says:

    darn excitin’!

  2. Keen! That’s very cool.