Still-life with Awards

All the awards together

All the awards together

So, I went off to Canberra for the Aurealis Awards (their twentieth anniversary) and, no matter what else happened, it was always going to be about catching up with folks, especially my Brain, Lisa L. Hannett, talking lots, ordering room service, talking more, napping, ordering room service again, talking more, then getting all dressed up for a night out with our tribe.

We headed off to University House, where all (except those who had Supanova, wedding, and other commitments) had gathered, to be emceed and regaled by Queen Margo Lanagan, and wowed by some excellent 1995 costumes. Among others, we heard from the lovely Garth Nix and the even lovelier Kate Forsyth, with some great readings by Margo of the 1995 award winners. lisangela

To my delighted embarrassment – or embarrassed delight – I came away with three awards, one of them with Lisa for our Twelfth Planet collection The Female Factory, as well as the Best Fantasy Short Story for “St Dymphna’s School for Poison Girls”, and Best Horror Short Story for “Home and Hearth”. So it was lucky I’d taken the time to write all six acceptance speeches despite my grumbling about not needing them.

The Female Factory Award went home with Lisa – I’ll get mine when we organise for a second one.

champersA few bottle of celebratory Tattinger later (thanks Kate Forsyth and Liz Grzyb), it was time to retire before we turned into pumpkins – a very real possibility. Sunday was spent wandering over to the National Gallery, then lunching with the lovely Tehani Wessely and her terrific offspring, before heading back to the airport.

A whirlwind trip, but well worth it for the company! But coming home is always nice, too, returning to the Significant Other and putting the awards on the shelf with the other ones.

Thanks to Nicole Murphy and Tehani and all the other judges and organisers and volunteers who worked so hard to make the night excellent! filters

For all of the results, go here – and read the shortlistees as well as the winners for all the works are so amazing it’s a privilege to be numbered amongst them.

All photos are Lisa’s, except the last.


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