The Lakeshore Drive-by: Jay Lake

Whenever I feel like I have too much on and there’s no time to write, I look to Jay Lake, specifically this LJ post – the relevant bit is this: All of this while recovering from lung surgery, undergoing six months of chemotherapy, experiencing and recovering from liver surgery, holding down a full-time job, parenting, and spending the last three months of the year watching my primary relationship erode and vanish. So while the writing held up remarkably well (I accomplished more in 2010 than in 2009), the rest of the year sucked rocks and is totally fired. Also, don’t ever talk to me about not finding the time to write.

Then I tell myself to STFU and just damn well write.

Jay won the John W. Campbell for best new writer in 2004, has been nom-nom-nom’d for Hugos and World Fantasy Awards, has written ten novels and over 250 short stories. And again with the overachieving :-).

1. I first knew I was a writer when …
I first knew I was a writer when the stories became real in my head. I first knew I was a real writer when I got the signature sheets for PostScripts 1, and realized I was signing my name alongside Ray Bradbury, Joyce Carol Oates, and Gene Wolfe, among others. Talk about an “I’m a real boy!” moment.

2. What is the most annoying question you’ve been asked (you may not include this one)?
“I have this idea. You want to write it and split the money?” I was literally asked this once, in so many words. I’d thought it a cliche rather than a real life possibility.

3. What makes a character irresistible?
Irresistium! Often found blended in ore with unobtanium! Or perhaps, just that they have some mission or purpose or obsession that transcends not just the ordinary but even the possible.

4. Batman -v- The Pope: discuss.
One dresses up to fight crime, the other is an imaginary costumed freak. Or possibly the other way around. The difference is, when Batman dies, the College of Robins elects a new one instead of the College of Cardinals.

The Popemobile isn’t quite as cool as the Batmobile, either.

5. Donuts or danishes?
Donuts. Definitely donuts. From Voodoo Donuts here in Portland. Mmmm.

Did someone say donuts?

He doth blog here.

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