The Kill Devil Hill Drive-by: Ace Jordan

The short film, like the short story, is an artform of making the most out of the least. Hollywood bells and whistles are generally not available to the maker of the short film, so it’s harder to cover up plot holes with loud noises, special effects and flashing lights (I’m looking at YOU, Michael Bay, yes, YOU). So when I see a short film, I’m always fascinated to see how its creator has made the most of the limited resources available in the most creative manner.

Film maker Ace Jordan owns Jordanfilm Empirical Pictures and writes and directs his own films. Kill Devil Hill won the Best Short Film at the inaugural 2010 “Fear, Fright & Fret” Horror Awards.

Ace answers the randoms here, and makes a controversial choice in the dessert section.

1. If I wasn’t a scriptwriter/director, I would be …
… a mad scientist.

2. The main problem with big budget Hollywood films is …
… over-blown budgets. Smaller budgets equal less financial risk. Less risk encourages new and more creative filmmaking.

3. What’s the core element you look for/try to create for a short film?
Entertainment value. I don’t try to make films that have a lot of social commentary. I don’t like movies that come with a heavy handed message. Art is a reflection of life. It has no meaning because it means whatever you want it to. I want the audience to each take something a little different from my films. It’s more fun that way.

4. In five years time I will …
… be dead.

5. Donuts or danishes?

Here is his website and ze trailer she is here.

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