We have lift-off

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And Midnight and Moonshine was officially launched last night!

Thanks to Avid Reader for providing a lovely venue and to Trent Jamieson for his eloquent hostessing (“Your exits are here, here and here – and buy the book. Turn your mobiles off – and buy the book. There’s wine inside – and by the way, buy the book.”). Thanks to our beloved Kate Eltham for her kind words in launching our beautiful book. And thanks to Russ for coming over from WA for the launch. And to Kathleen for coming along and signing with us – and making bunny ears behind my head when my sis was taking photos. And thanks to my sis, Michelle, for threading ribbons and tying charms and tokens to all the chapbooks! Each charm has a good luck spell in it – but Shell was getting pretty tired by 1am, so some of those charms might be a little grumpy or snoozy.

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And an especially BIG thank you to our partners, families, friends and readers for making the effort to come to Avid in last night’s soupy, soupy heat. We’ll upload files of our readings soon, so stand-by.

A great night was had by all, we read, we signed, we talked ad infinitum and generally enjoyed ourselves. Then we took off our ruby slippers and turned back into pumpkins.

And now, the Brains, with Tech Support Badger and Dr Chad in tow, are disappearing for the weekend to an undisclosed location where much wine, cheese and chocolate will be consumed, whilst books are read, and Boggle and Trivial Pursuit are played.


At the end of the night
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6 Responses to We have lift-off

  1. Michelle Slatter says:

    What a wonderful night. It meant so much that we could share in your success (and Lisa’s of course)! As for the chapbooks, that was my pleasure. All spells conjured with love…some with a touch of sleepy but definitely no grumpy! 🙂

  2. Congratulations ! Are you coming down for the Adelaide launch?

  3. Angela says:

    You are the best sister. X

  4. Cool, will see you there 🙂