WFC Schedule updates

wfc2015A few updates to my WFC schedule: the Thursday panel is now at 4pm, and Helen Marshall has been added to the Friday panel – Helen Marshall should always be added to everything!! The whole thing is here.

My appearances:


Monsters as Devourers
Our cherished monsters, be they vampire, werewolf, or zombie, are driven by an insatiable appetite to devour what they once were, namely us. Is there a sacrificial/sacramental aspect to this hunger or is it firmly rooted in a psycho-sexual fixation. Perhaps it is simply the yearning to recover a lost humanity?

Nina K. Hoffman (mod.), Frederic Durbin, Nancy Kilpatrick, Angela Slatter, John Wiswell

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 6 @ 2.00pm in CC2B

Darkened Rooms, Newly Tenanted
Over the past decade or so, the ghost novel has returned to the literary mainstream with a vigor not seen in nearly a century. Consider such fine works as Dennis McFarland’s A Face at the Window, Helen Oyeyemi’s The Icarus Girl, and Arthur Phillips’ Angelica, to name but a few. Is this a passing shadow, or a renewed presence?

Sandra Kasturi (mod.), Ramsey Campbell, Stephanie Feldman, Helen Marshall, Kit Reed, Angela Slatter

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 7 @ 1.30 in Broadway 1

• Angela Slatter (right after Charles de Lint! Eeeek!)

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