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SorrowsandSuch_FINAL_hires… the lovely Matthew Summers kindly asked me some excellent questions, which I have answered to the best of my limited and extremely flippant abilities! (Look at all these posts! Can you tell that (a) I finally finished Corpselight and (b) my website has been fixed?)

I talk about fairy tales, horror, managing (that’s a strong word) my writing day, my novella Of Sorrow and Such, writing tips, building convincing characters, world peace in five words or fewer, 2016 appearances, and the favourite book in my library.

Hey Everyone! 
I’m delighted to bring you yet another instalment in our ongoing interview series here at Smash Dragons. This week I had the amazing opportunity to chat with award-winning author Angela Slatter. Angela kindly took time out of her very busy schedule to stop by, so for that we are incredibly grateful. I hope you all enjoy it! 
Be sure to check out all of her work as well… it’s amazing!
Angela Slatter, welcome to Smash Dragons!
First up, tell us a little bit about yourself.
I’m a Brisbane-based writer of dark fantasy and horror, most of my tales have their roots in fairy tales. I’ve been publishing since 2006. I’ve done a lot of jobs over the years in order to avoid being a writer ? university admin officer, articled clerk, check-out chick, research assistant, membership coordinator ? but ultimately I have failed to not be a writer. I have no cat.

The rest, she is here.

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