Can you keep a secret?

Well, honestly, if the answer is “Yes”, then go away – don’t want your kind here :-).

Because this needs to get out!

Twelfth Planet Press is doing an awesome thing for 2011. 

“Even more awesome than Horn, Siren Beat/Roadkill, Glitter Rose, New Ceres Nights, Sprawl, Robot War Espresso, 2012, Book of Endings, Angel Rising, etc?” I hear you ask, breathless with excitement.

“That’s a lot of awesome to beat,” I reply. “Let’s say ‘on-par awesome with potential for incrementally incredi-awesome’, shall we?”

You say, “Okay, sure! What is it?”

2011 is the year of the mini-collection with TPP: 12 single author short story collections, four stories in each one, one collection released each month. Buy a single, buy the whole series.

You know TPP: great stories, pretty books. What’s not to like?

Details to be released into the wild as they come to hand.

Pass it on.

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