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So, in the lead up to the release of The Tallow-Wife and Other Tales (Tartarus Press) this month (fingers crossed) and All the Murmuring Bones (Titan Books) next month, here is a little Sourdough world origin story, beautifully designed by Brain Jar Press. Isobel Lawrence is the ancestress of Cordelia and Bethany Lawrence of The Tallow-Wife, and Bethany makes an appearance in All the Murmuring Bones. Plus, there is a chronology of the Sourdough stories … also, did we mention it’s free?

Here’s the Brain Jar spiel:

**Puts on straw hat and adopts a snappy patter**

The Tallow-Wife art by Kathleen Jennings

Do you like Angela Slatter’s storytelling?

Do you like vengeance-driven ghosts and unfortunate acts of attempted murder?

More importantly, do you like getting stuff for free?

Today we’re launching Angela Slatter’s “No Good Deed”, a dark fantasy tale of magic, ghosts, and marriage set in her World Fantasy Award-winning Sourdough universe.

Isobel assumed her wedding would be the grandest day of her life, but when she wakes in a ghost-filled tomb still wearing her bridal veil, it’s clear events have taken an unexpected turn.

With the assistance of a vengeful spirit Isobel escapes her imprisonment, but her new husband Adolphus will not be pleased to discover his wife is alive. As Isobel comes to understand her husband’s darkest secret, the newlyweds begin a deadly dance that only one will survive.

This chapbook presents a stand-alone Sourdough story that does not appear in any of the three mosaic collections devoted to Slatter’s world of myth and magic, plus a chronology for all the publications that have appeared thus far.…/no-good-deed-a…/

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