Good Morning, 2015

bloodsisters1Happy New Year from a hot and humid Brisneyland, peeps. May it be all you wish it to be!

I’ve started the year as I wish to continue: checking proofs! The delightful Paula Guran sent on the proof of Blood Sisters: Vampire Stories by Women so I’ve just finished looking over “Sun Falls”, which I originally wrote for Ticonderoga’s Dead Red Heart. It remains a favourite.

Last night I did a quick tally of my 2014 achievements, just to remind myself that I did something despite it being the year of the hermit (i.e. only one con).

9 short stories published
3 new collections publisher (one with my dearest Brain, Lisa L Hannett)
2 articles
3 bits of big news I can’t announce yet
Went to WFC and had a blast and was not sick this year
2 stories selected for Year’s Bests

That’s pretty much it! I look forward to sharing those Big Secret Bits of News as soon as I’m able!

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