PhDery … almost done

So, on Friday I did my final seminar for PhD – which is the penultimate torture before the torture of sending it out to examiners.

It was easily the worst presentation I’ve ever done – but equally, it doesn’t count for anything. It does give you a chance to get feedback from your panel, and this was really valuable. I had a lovely, super-helpful panel and their feedback has gone a long way to making the PhD more acute and precise, which is good.

Got my report back today and it was really nice and really helpful. So, this week I will make the minor amendments and then will send it off into the wild blue yonder and the examiners who dwell therein.

With any luck, I will then get to acquire and wear the Silly Hat.

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2 Responses to PhDery … almost done

  1. Amanda says:

    It’s the robe that’s the real fun! Hang on in there. Good wishes.

  2. Angela says:

    Thanks, m’dear :-). Got the robe from the MA graduation. Now just need to add the floppy hat and a new hood to the wardrobe! 🙂