So, I've been thinking …

… about evolution and because it’s me, it’s not about the usual, ordinary, everyday kind of evolution. It’s about the evolution of monsters. The question I put to y’all is this:

Are we soon to see the Zombie Superhero?

Or has there already been one? I’ve seen some Marvel Zombies stuff in my surfing of t’intertubes, but did not find it convincing.

Talk among yourself, discuss, debate and get back to me.

Vampires used to be scary (as per BDC’s most excellent post Now they’re cuddly, if a little bitey (rather like a Bonsai Tiger*). But there’s also the vampire-as-superhero iteration – where we shifted from bitey-and-nasty to bitey-but-tries-to-do-good (Forever Knight, Angel, Blood Ties, Twilight). The Neutered Vamprie, really, not much of a threat at all.

So is the zombie soon to undergo this evolution/transformation/transubstantiation? Or is rotting flesh and a tendency to eat brains just never gonna be sexy enough? Deal breakers?

Thoughts? Comments?


* ™ C M Sutton, circa 1998.

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0 Responses to So, I've been thinking …

  1. Flinthart says:

    Look, even when Bram Stoker was painting Drac as a bad-smelling, bat-like undead predator, there was still an undercurrent of Sexy there. Johnathan Harker’s little menage a quatre is the perfect case in point. Likewise, Lucy Westenra’s slow transformation into predator-minx.

    Zombies, on the other hand, started out as figures of pity — people cursed, to be used as slave labor. And as time has passed, the zombie has grown steadily nastier. Admittedly, the sheer nastiness of them has probably bottomed out (how much worse could they actually get?) but at no point has there ever been a hint of anything more, anything that might draw the readers to them, instead of horrifying and repelling them.

    I think the day of SuperZombie isn’t far away, but I think so because pop culture as interpreted by Big Movie Studios and their ilk tends to be fcking stoopid. I think somebody is gonna try it out sooner, rather than later… and they’re gonna be a laughingstock.

  2. Alan says:

    I think the brain eating is a deal breaker.

    Mind you, Terry Pratchett, in his Discworld books, has a zombie lawyer that the police really don’t like. He’s been around for centuries, wrote most of the laws and defends people brilliantly. So maybe there is a chance for zombies to come good.

  3. Aimée says:

    I’m a bit of a traditionalist on the undead front. I’ve never really been comfortable with the whole ‘undead-is-sexy’ angle. Yes, I was a huge Buffy fan, but the fact remains that while Angel is hot, he is also undead; he would smell undead and that kinda creeps me out. And at the end of the day, daemons are bad ok? Minions of hell, masters of trickery and evil! Immortality, yes; eternal damnation, no.
    Zombies are the super gross category of the undead. Unlike vampires they decay and hold none of the ‘lures’. Zombies are unattractive (continuously decaying flesh? pass), can’t really function on the physical or intellectual level (no quips or seductive witticisms about eternity), and they’re greedy. Not satisfied with drinking your blood, they bite and chomp and consume. They’re like a baby with spaghetti.
    I think the swing towards the uberZombie is kinda already happening, but not as an object of seduction like the vamp. Take Shaun of the Dead and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Zombies are becoming cool, but in the scary/fun way.

    Actually, the more I think of it, the funnier it gets. Could be a super-cool, dark-comedy, Zombie-hero story in the works….hrrrmmmmm

  4. jeff vandermeer says:

    I think the zombie superhero has manifested in any number of movies in which the superhero appears to have no brain or to have had their brain eaten prior to the events dramatized. and, zombie writers are everywhere–one need only look at stephenie meyer’s last book to conclude she is a zombie.

  5. angelaslatter says:

    Lotta thought gone into that :-). Gold star for you!

  6. angelaslatter says:

    Ouchies from laughing! Ducking to avoid deluge from fans of the Meyerzombie (TM).

  7. Brendan Carson says:

    That’svery interesting. I know that there are zombie parallel universes. There is a comic book series called Marvel zombies (zombie Fantastic four, etc.), but that’s the (much less interesting) reverse of what you’ve said.
    This is food for thought.


  8. Ian Golledge says:

    Mild-mannered Federal Liberal leader by day…

  9. Tyler Stirling says:

    – Driq from Green Lantern Corps is/was a zombie superhero

    – Young Frankenstein was a member of the Teen Titans

    – Frankenstein(‘s monster) was a member of the Seven Soldiers of Victory.

    – Solomon Grundy from DC is sometimes heroic and has joined superhero teams

  10. angelaslatter says:

    Thank you 🙂
    Not prepared to accept Frankenstein as a zombie though 🙂

  11. Carolyn Nguyen says:

    Although some may see Jason Voorhees as a super-powered zombie antihero, I see him as a hero. My own personal hero in fact, as I one day hope rise from the dead with superhuman strength and an indifference to pain so that I might kill many teenage campers whilst being spurred on by visions of my decapitated mother’s head.

  12. angelaslatter says:

    Also another thought. And let’s face it, teenage campers are a dime a dozen 🙂

  13. Carolyn Nguyen says:

    Sorry, Angela.

    That wasn’t me, that was my boyfriend, Mr. Stirling, trying to be crazy.


  14. angelaslatter says: