Twelfth Planet Press will be opening, briefly, for novel submissions! TPP, the punchy indie press is home to Peter M. Ball’s Bleed and Horn, Tansy Rayner Roberts’ Love and Romanpunk, Lucy Sussex’s Thief of Lives … and to editor and publisher Alisa Krasnostein, who is a World Fantasy Award nominee. You want her to have a look at your unpublished manuscript!

Caveat: send your best work. Don’t just knock off any old thing and send it out! Take note of what they’re not looking for and, most importantly, don’t send them stuff they’re not looking for … even more importantly, don’t send them a letter explaining why you’ve sent them something they’re not looking for. Bad form.

Having said that: good luck!

Twelfth Planet Press Novel Manuscript Submission Month – January 2012

Twelfth Planet Press is looking to develop a new line of dynamic, original genre novels. Twelfth Planet Press novels will push boundaries to question, inspire, engage and challenge. We are specifically looking to acquire material outside that which is typically considered by mainstream publishers.

We are looking for science fiction, fantasy, horror and crime. We will consider borderline literary, new weird, steampunk, space opera, hard science fiction, soft science fiction, urban fantasy, cyberpunk, military science fiction, young adult, paranormal romance and everything in between.

Please note we are not looking for epic fantasy, splatterpunk, novellas, nonfiction, previously published material (where published includes electronic or audio ie on your blog, as a podcast, ebook etc) and unfinished work. We will not consider multiple or simultaneous submissions. Please take some time to familiarise yourself with the kind of content we publish. We are not interested in gratuitous violence, misogyny and gore or sex scenes for shock value.We are looking to acquire all English language territory rights and ebook rights. We are offering advances and royalties.

For the rest of the details, go here.

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