Tartarus Press editions of my books

This is one of those announcements that’s sort of happy-sad. Or sad-happy.
I’ve loved working with Rosalie and Ray at Tartarus Press for the past thirteen years (where did that time go?). They’ve produced beautiful limited editions of my mosaic collections – Sourdough and Other Stories, The Bitterwood Bible and Other Recountings andThe Tallow-Wife and Other Tales– and the limited edition of my novel All the Murmuring Bones. Sourdough and Tallow-Wife were both finalists for the World Fantasy Award for Best Collection, and Bitterwood won said award.
Tartarus also published the equally lovely trade paperbacks of those collections, but the time has come for a much more widely available mass-market edition. Titan Books have undertaken to do that as part of their remit of publishing my other novels set in this universe: All the Murmuring Bones, The Path of Thorns, The Briar Book of the Dead, The Crimson Road, and soon three new novels as part of a seven-book deal. As a result, there will be no more Tartarus trade paperbacks of the collections, nor any ebooks available. There are some small stocks of the Bitterwood paperback and All the Murmuring Bones left, so if you’re determined to have one of these increasingly rare things, then make haste hence, my friends!
It’s early days yet, so we don’t have a firm timeline for when the Titan edition will happen, but please be patient and do keep an eye on my social media accounts for announcements.
Once again, it’s been an honour and a pleasure to work with Rosalie and Ray, who were instrumental in helping get the Sourdough stories out into the world way back in 2010.

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