The Clowns on the Balcony


So, every afternoon around 3.30 I hear sounds out on the balcony, the scrape and scratch of large claws grabbing onto the metal railing. No, it’s not a monstrous attack, it’s these guys, the resident clowns. I generally go out, say hello, tell them they’re purdy, then go back to work. And they seem happy with that.

But some days I’m caught up in what I’m doing and I don’t go out. I don’t acknowledge them. That’s when crap happens.

Yesterday was one of those days. I didn’t go out and then I heard a strange noise, a crunching vegetable’ish sound. So, I went onto the balcony to find that one of my beautiful orchids (which you can see in the bottom of the above photo) was someone’s late lunch. I spent some time yelling obscenities, and of course taking actions shots. Assholes. These birds are assholes. But cute.

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