Today at FableCroft, I commit a rant

… or something closely related to one as I opine on small/indie press.

Introductory Caveat

Let me start out by saying that over the past six years I’ve worked with and encountered a lot of small and indie presses, both in the Land of Oz and overseas. So, this is not directed at anyone in particular – although if you happen to recognise yourself in any of this … well, maybe consider pulling your socks up … or pat yourself on the back, as the case may be.

I’ve had good experiences and I’ve had bad experiences and I think the most useful thing I can do is outline some traps for young players. Even though I no longer work for a writers centre, I still have a burning proselytising zeal to make people understand that an informed writer is a responsible writer and vice versa. So, I give you information; convert it to knowledge and use it wisely.

The rest is here.

And thanks to the lovely Tehani for giving me the chance to bump my gums together and thanks to the lovely Lisa Hannett for flensing out the spleen on this one (any remaining spleen is my own fault).

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