Writers as Car Accidents in Progress

Watched a wannabe author explode hissef today, yea I did.

He emailed a mouthful of abuse to several members of staff of an independent bookstore, and cc’d it to a whole bunch of other folk. Carrying on coz they wouldn’t stock his self-published tome.

What have I said before about being professional? About respecting the business decisions of others? About not burning bridges? Maintaining relationships? Having a brain?

T’was like watching a slow motion car crash … in the knowledge that this person has been warned before … in the words of Milhaus Van Houten “I fear to watch, yet I cannot turn away” … it was almost balletic, almost Eureka Stockade-ish in its defiance, railing at the World of Books in a Scarlett O’Hara fashion (“Damned Yankees and carpetbaggers!”) … but ultimately, phenomenally stoopit.

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