Writers as Car Accidents in Progress

Watched a wannabe author explode hissef today, yea I did.

He emailed a mouthful of abuse to several members of staff of an independent bookstore, and cc’d it to a whole bunch of other folk. Carrying on coz they wouldn’t stock his self-published tome.

What have I said before about being professional? About respecting the business decisions of others? About not burning bridges? Maintaining relationships? Having a brain?

T’was like watching a slow motion car crash … in the knowledge that this person has been warned before … in the words of Milhaus Van Houten “I fear to watch, yet I cannot turn away” … it was almost balletic, almost Eureka Stockade-ish in its defiance, railing at the World of Books in a Scarlett O’Hara fashion (“Damned Yankees and carpetbaggers!”) … but ultimately, phenomenally stoopit.

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12 Responses to Writers as Car Accidents in Progress

  1. Ian Golledge says:

    I wonder if I met him a few days ago. Quite unpleasant.

  2. Jason Fischer says:

    Oh sweet Jebus. To be a fly on the wall!

    Nanowrimo, hubris and POD doth not a novel make.

  3. Flinthart says:

    You’re sweet, ma’amselle, but you must not forget: you cannot fix The Stoopit.

    There is no fix. There is no cure. The Stoopit will always be with us, and all we can do is grit our teeth, smile, and behave like decent human beings as best we know how. (you being far better equipped in that category than your humble correspondent… who is notorious for being a deeply indecent, uncivilised, barbaric creature.)

    Stoopit is as stoopit does. Painful as it may be to watch, it isn’t our problem.

  4. Hexebart says:

    Good. It’s a crowded market. He’s no longer a threat to any of us.

  5. From the height of my enormous experience of the ‘writing industry’ (which is actually close to zero centimetres) even I have realised that you cannot take ANY of it personally.

    Poor ol’ stoopit doesn’t realise that noone cares! Noone knows him from a bar of soap – people are just trying to get on with their work, when they’re feeling sick, tired, old and in need of some TLC themselves.

    It’s like standing in the rain and screaming at it to stop flooding your basement. No, you just have to move on – to higher ground, to a country with rescue services, to a wadi in the middle of a desert (and then do not camp right at the bottom of it).

  6. angelaslatter says:

    Oh there’s no desire to save, trust me! Just amazement at the level of Stoopit.

  7. angelaslatter says:

    Coulda done 🙂

  8. angelaslatter says:

    Yeah. No Eye of the tiger for him.

  9. angelaslatter says:

    Wicked Hexabart! In troth, he was no threat in first place. But still watching natural selection in action is amazing.

  10. angelaslatter says:


  11. Harry Markov says:

    Oh, the Stoopit. For an inexplicable reason, it will never be a species, bordering an extinction. Is it bad to watch the crash transpire? [moral question]

  12. angelaslatter says:

    Probably … but maybe not as bad as saying “I told you so” at the end :-). But seriously, I told ’em so …